“Black” people who say they can’t be racist are “straight” hypocrites

I remember seeing the show “Dear White People” on Netflix and was annoyed probably every 5 minutes of the show. The amount of hypocrisy, denial, and artificial scriptwriting made me not able to finish episode 3…In surprised I got that far. I was hoping it was going to be similar to the sitcom, “A Different World” but it was not! This show was straight garbage!  

For the love of God literally! Please let go of this backwards and self-imposed prison mentality of ‘“black” people can’t be racist’ if you are thinking like this! 

Racism and prejudice are still hatred so it’s the same thing. It’s ridiculous to try to justify one sin you would be in (saying you can be prejudice) while boasting and trying to explain away why you don’t do another sin (racism) while actually fulfilling the sin of racism 🙄 because that is what this image is basically claiming to do. 

There is so much indenial in the “black” community it’s nauseating!