Why many people cannot stop sinning…

If a person is still under the works of the devil, then they will not be able to overcome his works because they would still be a slave of sin and their flesh. This is why every religion of the world that performs religious works of man continues sinning while giving off the “appearance” of godliness but denying the power of God that saves you from your sins which is His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is even worse when while this type of person continues sinning, if they think that they are overcoming the flesh through the appearance of godliness (again because to walk by the flesh is to walk and judge by “sight”) while believing and having faith in their works being greater than the Work and the power of God’s message of the gospel, then they are perishing in their sins while “believing” they are winning deeds and respect from God and they are not.

This happens when a person has mistaken the praise of man (that uplifts and boasts of the word and the works of man) for the praise of God (that only glorifies His Word and Work and no one else’s as He glorified Jesus).

Jesus is the Work of God

To deny God’s Work while accepting and expecting God to accept your works is the result of the sinful mentality called: The Pride of Life and the Father will not accept anyone else’s “secular” or “religious” works when that person has rejected His Work, by rejecting Jesus Christ.

A person that practices sin is of the devil (keyword is practice) and as Jesus says that a slave fulfills the desires of their master (the devil) then it is through devotion this type of person can not stop sinning — no matter how many religious works of man they may perform to cover up their sin — they can not and will not stop sinning due to their devotion to their master; again which is the devil. And the devil can not stop sinning, so the servant of the devil — who can not be above their master — will also not be able to stop sinning because as Jesus also says; the truth is not in the devil; and so the truth will not be in someone who practices sin and does not believe in Jesus.

A person will not be able to stop sinning when they continue to believe in themselves and perform their works (the works of the devil which = sin) instead of believing only in Jesus Christ who is the righteousness and glory of God.

Cover Image by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash