Notice how online communities will fail both genders by giving bad advice all while keeping people divided

Most females that strut the hypergamy beliefs and most males today that believe in red pill ideology and MGTOW which means men going their own way; won’t be able to tell you what a real man or woman looks like because they first haven’t been made a real woman/man in Christ who literally makes mankind.

They can tell you what the world “defines” as a woman/man and that definition is coming from Satan the god of this world. It is not a true definition.

A man believing in himself and not in God is a blind man walking and blindly leading others as the blind lead the blind so he won’t be able to see anything good coming from the Hand of God let alone a good woman that God would have made in His image and likeness.

That type of man wouldn’t know what good looks like while complaining that there aren’t any “good” women left according to his ever-changing definition of what he would have defined as good. This applies to females who speak like this too who have not first been made a woman by faith in Jesus Christ.

They both may talk about what it means to find a good woman/wife or a man/husband but most of them haven’t first believed in Jesus to know what a wife or husband looks like which is why you see many end up in divorces while continuing to “seek” a “better” woman or man instead of seeking wisdom from the Father in heaven who institutes marriage. The irony is seen if some try to advise about marriage and relationships that would not be uplifting or encouraging but instead be damaging and destructive.

Most run on their own “definition” of what is good which is really bad and a distortion of the truth…

…because man doesn’t define what is good; God does;

so their advice will be distorted and toxic towards both genders and we are seeing this on a large scale with these online communities.

Cover image credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images