Your parents were not supposed to be “perfect” as you may say they were…

Your parents were never supposed to be “perfect” for you just like the world is not and never was supposed to be perfect the way you and I would define perfection.

Just think about it…

If the world was “perfect” would you leave it when the Father in Heaven (who is perfect) calls you out of this world?

Would you leave your parent’s nest to have a family of your own if they were oh so “perfect” by your standards?

We need to stop judging people by what we think good and perfect is and judge how God tells us to judge by His standard of perfection which is always right.

According to God who gives life, there is no such thing as a mistake with a baby coming into the world or with you and I having the parents that we have been blessed to have. Remember God meets us where we are. It’s not a coincidence that your parents have the same tendencies as you do. That was planned. Whatever your parents struggle(d) with they can give you a heads-up about what they didn’t have when you came into the world. You miss out on wisdom from those older than you when you want the messenger to come deliver the message according to your definition of “perfection”….

That’s the same problem and reason for why the Jews who didn’t believe in Jesus didn’t. They had their own definition of who they thought the Messiah should’ve been and were blind to the wisdom of God and God Himself standing right in front of them.

Cover Image by Juliane Liebermann