Listen to understand

Being quick to listen and slow to speak, you can see or hear when someone may say something that is erroneous but when paying attention to the content in what they are saying in its proper context, you can or should “see” that a person’s intent may not be rooted necessarily in the erroneous statement…but that they are just not delivering the right intent in the right way.

It’s passing righteous judgment WITH mercy to see past a statement like this to try to comprehend where they may be coming from. This is similar to not being a grammar policeman. No one should care if you are right all the time in speech when you aren’t leading someone to the Truth which is Jesus.

It’s something we all are working on and practicing especially when the Father reveals more wisdom, and He teaches us how to handle and divide His Word. I am constantly trying to remember this.

I hope you understand.

Cover Image by kyle smith on Unsplash