The Lukewarm plays double dutch with their time that God has allotted to them

You got people who double dip thinking they can dabble in the world and play with sin… 👿

…while thinking that they can play hopscotch and jump into the presence of God on Sunday’s. ⛪️


If you aren’t living for Jesus everyday of the week; as every day is the day of the Lord; you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself because God can’t be mocked and He hates a lying tongue and feet that run quick to do evil. 🏃🏾‍♀️

But He delights and favors the heart of someone who loves and believes in His Word and His alone which is Jesus. Jesus says, “If you love Me you would keep my commandments.”

Not if you love me you would play jump rope with sin and your soul!

Cover Image by wherelugo