Go WOKE, you go BROKE!!!

We see this happening physically with corporations bending a knee to wokeness and lies;

But spiritually when someone thinks that they have become “woke” or enlightened by knowledge from the world that is when true poverty sets in.

Because they would have received their “new” revelations, knowledge, and understanding from the serpent; the devil who is the father of lies.

When this happens you go broke because you trade the richness and wisdom of the Word of God for a lie. Just look at what happened to Adam and Eve after they turned their back to Jesus, the glory and richness of Heaven…

This is not an equivalent exchange. This is a poor R.O.I. for trusting in the voice of a stranger.

Every corporation or business that goes bankrupt or loses money from riding the lies of the “woke” train 🚂 are only showing you what is spiritually going on within them because what happens in the physical is just the manifestation of what has already been agreed upon in the spiritual

where people who support woke garbage are just feeding their appetite of lies and they eat that fruit from the serpent becoming poor in spirit as God says the day that you eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will surely die!

and they will speak like Eve spoke when she was deceived by the devil and say that what the devil was giving to them is good for food even when their pockets and soul is saying otherwise.

Cover Image by Danny Burke