Why the wicked run when no one pursues them

The wicked run when no one pursues them but the righteous are bold like a lion! 🦁

Jesus is the Lion of Judah…

Who makes us into a sturdy tree that can not be moved when we believe in Him?

But a lie can’t stand and has no firm foundation TO stand on

So when the wicked run when the truth is spoken, God who is the Truth, isn’t chasing after nobody.

His Voice disrupts the atmosphere around lies and shatters the illusion of a foundation that was built under those who receive lies.

When that foundation is shattered those who love lies can no longer cover and hide their sins from God. Their “nakedness” is exposed when the truth has been spoken. So they run when no one pursues them to try to run away from the Light that exposes their evil deeds.

To try to run away from the Truth that exposes their deeds…

Jesus is the Light and the Truth.

Just as Adam and Eve took off running after they sinned against God, you see how the Voice of God (Jesus) continued to just walk in the cool part of the day calling out to Adam. No chasing was involved. But they ran because they realized that they were “naked” before the face of God when they sinned against Him.

So you will see this same action being performed in people who run from the truth because they hate the truth and don’t want their evil deeds to be exposed by the Light when the Truth is spoken.

They say, “Don’t judge me!” “Thou shall not judge!!!” because to judge and judge righteously is to speak the truth…

Is to expose their evil deeds…

Don’t listen to that lie of not judging others. The devil will say that so his lies go undetected through those blinded by them. Judge righteously and tell others that judging UNRIGHTEOUSLY is wrong.

Actually, judging unrighteously is telling others to NOT judge. That’s like telling someone to not think or to say the other lie of the enemy which is: “Have an open mind.” While God says to guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

Judge righteously and if they run they aren’t running from you; they are running from the Father just as Adam did.

Cover Image by Lucas Favre