Nostalgia is the addicted drug of the devil

Nostalgia is a “drug” that will have you hooked on looking in the past. You won’t be able to grow or EVER take firm root in Christ when you are walking backwards.

You can’t drive a car safely looking in the rear view mirror 🚗

🪝 🪝 The enemy will keep that hook in you trying to act like Jesus and reel you in like a fisherman

The past is only the present for a few seconds

Don’t fall for the same lie and deception that caused Lot’s Wife to look back and turn into a pillar of salt that lost its saltiness 🧂

You won’t be able to EVER drop everything, leave your parents, leave your friends, leave your hometown, leave your past “wishes” and pick up your cross and follow Jesus; when your eyes aren’t set on above but instead set on the world and the past that is no longer here.

Nostalgia is how so many people can’t and/or won’t hear the call of Jesus who points you forward while looking at Him who is I AM, the present.

Cover Image by Jon Tyson