Trust in Jesus alone in this age of information to not become a fool with “head knowledge”

It’s so dangerous living in this age of information when you put your faith and trust in knowledge alone instead of Jesus.

You don’t have a compass or a scale to balance the knowledge that’s attained.

Lies are also knowledge. The fake kind.

Many people can think they are so smart with science, philosophies, apologetics, and man’s wisdom of the world but become so dumb believing in lies and calling lies “wisdom” because they were mentally stimulated for a time or so.

As God says about people who are like this through His apostle:

“They CONFESS themselves to be wise but became FOOLS….”

They would rather confess ABOUT themselves and their head knowledge gained in just a short lifespan, instead of confessing the name above all names that knows all things and Who is where all knowledge comes from; which is Jesus.

All while doing this they end up confessing lies even if what is believed is 99.9% CLOSE to the truth it is still a lie believed.

There are many people that will be in hell for being “so close to the Truth” while rejecting the Truth

That is true foolishness to waste a short life bragging about what you think you know;

instead of believing in the One who knows all;

while CONFESSING to know nothing AT ALL;

CONFESSING your sins to the Father so you can proceed to further CONFESS the Truth and not lies!

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