Rest your mind in Christ

Stressing over the future is about as fruitless as stressing over the past

And all that will be done while you are ignoring what you can do RIGHT NOW!

You literally can’t produce any fruit by thinking, brainstorming, intending, etc, and not DOING.

You can’t DO anything about tomorrow when it hasn’t even come yet so why stress about it.

And you won’t be able to control the future by just thinking about it and stressing over it so this kind of “stress” is not even worth the time or the heartache to be concerned over.

If anything this reminds me of the scripture: “Hope deferred makes the heart SICK…”

Hold onto your peace. Don’t make yourself sick. Peace is something you can grab onto right now! Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He says peace I GIVE to you and leave with you, not as the world gives.

Jesus gives you peace when you believe in Him and in Him, there is no anxiety or fear, for God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear. The Father gives you rest. Rest is found in the peace of God which is the Truth. Stress is found in the doubt that comes from believing in lies. This is one of many reasons for why there is no rest for the wicked. If you meditate on lies you won’t have rest. You have death, destruction, doubt…

Rest your mind. Let His Mind Work for You…God doesn’t get tired. And you will be at peace when you know who has everything under His control instead of you trying to have things under your anxiety and fretfulness.

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