Here is what is truly going on when “Christian” males who hate the truth tell women to be “silent” when the truth is told to them

🕵️ Here is what is truly going on when “Christian” males who hate the truth tell women to be “silent” when the truth is told to them

NO woman of God wants to lead men in a church or be the head over a man or a group of men.

The head of man is Christ. A godly woman obeys Christ and will not ever consider or try to take His place.

We are called to lead men to Christ not lead men as if we are Christ!!

This is something a lot of males don’t get when they hear a woman preaching to them the gospel or preaching what Jesus says…you can tell the insecure ones who have their heads in their pride and not in Christ when they “feel” that a woman is usurping his “authority” by having a mere conversation with him to lead him back to Christ where he belongs. This type of man’s authority is in his flesh and not in Christ where all authority under heaven has been given to.

This type of “man” would be out of order with a beam in his own eye while projecting that there is a beam in a woman’s eye that is leading them to the truth.

If this is you remember that there is no male nor female in Christ’s Body. We are all a part of the same Body. When Jesus speaks He will never lead us to be a man’s head or lead us to pastor OVER a congregation where men are present. This is because it is foolish and backward to have the weaker vessel try to uphold the stronger vessel.

But He WILL tell us to help men and be their “helpmate” as we are designed to do, to lead you BACK to Christ when you have steered astray and we see that. But some guys prefer sin and darkness over the light and don’t want to come to the light unless their evil deeds be exposed. They don’t want to hear the truth spoken by anyone, especially a woman who they deem “weak” while they are in deception thinking that their strength comes from their skills, intellect, and flesh when it should be in the Lord alone. A man who thinks this way becomes “weak” and poor themselves.

They would rather mismanage, unrightfully divide the Word of God, and take what He says out of context by telling us as women to be silent when we righteously judge them in error to not see our men out here perish. They are no different than the hypocrites that say don’t judge me and want you to be SILENT when you judge righteously and lead them to the Truth so that they don’t continue to stumble in error.

Ladies don’t be fooled by these types of guys. They are not real men anyway. Jesus makes real men, not cowards that like to hide in the shadows and play in the dark and get made and tell you to shut up when you cut the light on or when you walk in the room being the light of Christ.

Their head is the devil who tells everyone to be silent when the truth is spoken but like a coward, the devil will hide behind the verse that women must remain silent and those who listen to him will use that verse out of context EVEN when a woman isn’t married as the verse implies and when we are not in a fellowship or church building, again as the verse implies.

They are still born of Adam. Adam stood by and let her wife sin against God and then agreed with her and took the fruit she gave to him and he ate it too. They will love a silent woman that is in agreeance, with their sin, as they are; but will hate a woman that doesn’t act like Adam who stands by seeing a man stumbling in sin and calls them to repent so they would no longer endanger themselves.

They want you to be silent in submission to sin with them.

It’s not you that they truly hate ladies when they hate correction. Fools despise wisdom and instruction; it doesn’t matter the gender that is speaking it.

They first hate God who is speaking through you when you are leading them to the Truth while they are still of the world. As Jesus says, “If the world hated you, it hated Me first”!

Remember to keep speaking, because it was the devil speaking through the unbelieving Jews, who tried to stop the apostles from preaching about Jesus. The same voice is speaking to them.

Cover Image by Ernie A. Stephens