Jesus Christ may be trending on Twitter but the world isn’t talking highly about the real Jesus

I’m very glad that Jesus is Lord and Christianity may be trending on Twitter but I’m seeing something else going on.

The world doesn’t receive or agree with Jesus and as He says that the world loves its own…now think about that.

The world loves the antichrist. The false Jesus. The world will acknowledge that Jesus is Lord (the antichrist that is called Jesus by the world).

Remember not everyone that says Lord lord! Belongs to Jesus. Do as He says and test every spirit to see if they belong to Jesus because what is “trending” in the world is the preparation for the antichrist from Ai, to corporations becoming like banks, to a MASSIVE surge of false teacher “influencers” coming out of nowhere, one world citizenship, social credit source, etc.

Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords but the world isn’t glorifying Him. As I said in my video debunking the song, “Joy to the World…” the world finds joy in “receiving” their king…and they don’t want God as their King because the world didn’t receive the Spirit of Truth.

This doesn’t stop us from praising Jesus but I just don’t want my brothers and sisters out there falling for the tares “trending” Twitter topics.