Not everyone who is talking the truth is walking in the Truth

Not everyone that is “exposing” evil works and false religions of this world is of God. They claim to be walking and coming in Jesus’s name and they may speak the truth but will not be walking in the Truth. Many people cowardly hide behind the truth to “appear” righteous and godly but they deny the power of God. They must “hide” behind the truth because the truth will make them look good before people so they can receive the praise of man.

These are they that are wolves that will even expose other wolves so that the sheep can trust them and look to them as a shepherd and as their guide. They will do this through charisma and a false sense of confidence while quoting scripture. Be careful because the devil knows the scriptures as well. They will not rightly divide the Word of God because they do not walk righteously with the Word of God which comes by having faith in Jesus Christ.

They will not like or accept correction because they despise wisdom and instruction and believe that they are above correction. When you correct them and tell them that there is a way that the truth is supposed to be delivered and that there is a way that evil and falsehood are supposed to be exposed they will not accept the Way that it should be done because they deny Jesus Christ who is the Way. They do things their way and call their way God’s Way but if they do not repent they will stand before Jesus LYING saying,

  • “Didn’t we cast out demons in your name
  • “Perform miracles in your name?”
  • “Prophesy in your name?”

But Jesus will say to them, “I never knew you, turn AWAY from me you who PRACTICE lawlessness.”

They talked that “talk” but never walked that walk with Jesus. They never knew Him because they lived their life talking ABOUT the truth, never telling anyone the One who is the Truth, while only KNOWING lies.

Cover Image: Marc-Olivier Jodoin