He knocks at the door…

Never trust in head knowledge or your mind to try to understand the Mind of God. You end up having knowledge from the world in your heart when you do this, instead of having the Word of God in your heart —which gives access to the thoughts of God when you believe in His Word. Jesus is the Word of God and He stands at the door knocks… He stands at the door of your heart.

In this response to someone’s tweet, I went over a lot of topics ranging from learning to be patient when trusting God and His process of salvation to going over reasons for why a person is deconstructing from Christianity or deconstructing their faith in God.

Many times people would have good intentions to worship and follow Jesus but would have placed their faith in everything and everyone but Jesus and not realize that they would have done so. This results in someone’s faith being placed in a different way other than God’s Way. And all other ways won’t work.

I go over this a little more in detail in this post about why A person who seeks knowledge from the world about God is going further away from Him.

So in this response to another tweet that came across my feed; where someone was asking for help with their faith; I was reminding them that when we do not trust in the Father alone, through His Son Jesus, then any effort that we would try to do to get to the Father would be done in vain, because God is not moved by performance or the exertion of men, nor is He moved by man’s intellect. And these are methods that we are “naturally” accustomed to using, but the natural is not how God wants us to worship Him or know Him. He wants us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. This happens when we believe in Jesus and by our faith in Him, Jesus will be in us and we in Him. Jesus is the Spirit of Truth. So having faith in Jesus results in worshipping in the Spirit of God, which is also the Spirit of Truth because God is Spirit and God is Truth.

When we have faith in ourselves and people we end up going about things in the wrong way with well intent at times, but those intentions would be done out of the flesh and not in the Spirit of God when we trust in ourselves and methodologies we are familiar with. We do this when we don’t know any better.

This is why I wanted to share my response to someone who was dealing with this very issue because I believe this is an issue that is common to us all when we aren’t focusing on and believing in Jesus alone.

The Concern…

I’ve tried for probably 8 years to believe. I’ve read the bible and gone to church but the fantasy-like adventures, my lack of faith (belief without evidence) and the fact Egyptian history in the bible is very wrong makes it hard. Do you know of any way I can prove it to myself?

My Response

This is a very worded response but I felt led to give this to you. This is for you and anyone who asks this similar type of question.

We do not choose Jesus. Jesus chooses us. He says this. Jesus is the truth. So because of this when you do not know Jesus, because you do not believe Him yet, you do not know the truth yet, so you cannot prove to yourself anything when the only thing that we know before we know Jesus is lies.

So if you made any attempt to try to have faith in Jesus Christ while adventuring out into the world…

  • the same world that Jesus said His kingdom is not of… (so if you were seeking His Kingdom from the world you won’t find it)
  • the same world that hates Him and is an enemy to Him and wages war against Him…

then you were showing Jesus that you trusted the world and your understanding instead of trusting in Him alone. So your faith was misplaced.

It’s not to say that someone doesn’t have enough faith to believe…that’s not true to believe; faith is believing; remember that Jesus said that you just need the faith of a mustard seed.

This is because He will provide the increase, but you have to go to Him in faith — not go to everything else.

Think about all the people that existed before all of this knowledge and information has been exposed in this world. Think about all the people that went directly to God without a college degree and without going off to read and study all these different books. Those who had faith in Jesus alone went directly to the Father where all understanding and knowledge come from.

So when you do this and you trust the revelation that He has provided, which is the revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and rose from the grave after the third day; then you are trusting in the thoughts and the heart of God Himself; which again doesn’t come from the world. Then you would not be trying to figure God out with the knowledge that comes from the world because you would’ve trusted everything that came from God and nothing else. When that happens then that is when you will receive understanding about so many things. No study would be needed because you went directly to the Teacher.

I say this because the carnal mind is at war with God 24/7. A person with a carnal mind is not yet saved. When you are saved you have the Mind of Christ by your faith in Him. So when a person is not saved yet, and they are trying to gain faith in another way than what the Father has provided (and Jesus is the literal Way), they are going to war with themselves and with God. And it never works…you will always lose because Jesus is the only Way. Any other ways and attempts to get to God don’t work and won’t work because God doesn’t glorify another will or way.

This is why a lot of people are deconstructing their “faith” in Christianity right now because they have placed their trust in themselves and the world to try to figure things out instead of going to Jesus as a child acknowledging to not know anything and desiring understanding from the Father alone.

Had they trusted that God already has things figured out instead of them trying to be God and figure things out then they would not need to deconstruct from anything. God doesn’t make mistakes and neither is His Work a mistake. People make mistakes and then have to go back and build up again because they first built their houses on sand and didn’t build their houses on the rock…Jesus is the Rock.

They end up calling their faith and their understanding the same as God’s faith and understanding and this is not so. So since God says that we cannot be successful without Him many who were of a false faith are realizing this, but still pridefully are saying to themselves that their way was God’s way while going further away from God because God is not close to the proud. You hear this when you hear people say they walked away from God; they walked away from the faith…yet no human can do that. But a false faith will have a person believing in a false god though. This happens all because they didn’t have faith in Jesus alone…time and LIFE is wasted.

Do you see how we can be an error when we think we know everything while drifting farther away from God in “our” attempts to try to make things work?

You mustn’t do that. Our Father knows when you are sincere because He knows your heart. He also knows that He is the one that’s going to give you your faith and soften your heart. He is the One that is going to give you the understanding that Jesus is the Son of God. No man can give you that understanding. No human being can give you understanding because no person can make you understand anything…

including yourself. So you may have meant well but you cannot prove anything to yourself in order to understand the Father.

Only God can do that for you. This is why the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge and understanding. This is done through faith in Him which also means obedience. And to God, obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Notice that when a person is under the fear of man, and not the fear of the Lord, they take what comes from the word of man as fact when that should only be done for God who is the Truth — who is fact.

Once you have attributed the truth to the word of man, then your allegiance will be to man and not to God or His Word, and by doing that you block yourself from knowing God because Jesus, who is the Word of God, you would have neglected to trust. So you won’t be able to get to the Father when this happens because Jesus says:

I AM the WAY, the Truth, and the LIFE; No man comes to the Father except through Me.

So when you want to have a relationship with the Father, but your faith is in the word of man and not in the Word of our Father, then you will waste your time and life fighting yourself because you would’ve trusted yourself and not God.

So cry out to Him and ask Him to erase yourself, to take away the learned habit of trusting in your mind and the knowledge that does not come from His Mind. Ask for Him to save you and believe that He will in the same way you believed what is said about Egyptian history…because just because that has been said about Egypt doesn’t make it true.

When you are sincere and you’re no longer thinking that other things from the world are the truth; then God will hear you and answer. This is because you would’ve called out to Him and He says that anyone who calls on His name will be saved. Calling out to Him is a literal act of faith in Him. That’s why He will answer.

Notice you do not have to read the Bible to be saved. You do not have to go to church to be saved. There are a lot of people that are going to end up in hell that went to church and read the Bible because they called out to their intellect instead of to Jesus. They made research and knowledge their idol. there is much knowledge in the scripture, but what is the point of knowing the scripture when you do not have life whom which the scriptures talk about which is Jesus? 

This is how the Scribes and Pharisees, who did not believe in Jesus, did not realize that God was standing right in front of them. It was because they:

  • trusted in their intellect (but God says to lean not on your own understanding)
  • trusted in the traditions of man (and made that their god)
  • trusted in the word of man (instead of the Word of God)

So when the Word of God was present in front of them they could not see Him for who He is because they were blinded by their pride because knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. God is love.

So the more knowledge you search and research about God the more prideful you become. The more prideful you become the further away from God you will be since again He is far from proud. So many people are stuck in this circular destruction…all because they didn’t have faith in Jesus ALONE.

The reason why you will hear us say that you must be sincere when you call out to the Father is because since He reads our hearts, He knows when you’re lying and when you’re still holding onto the world and what the world says about Him. So since God cannot be mocked He will not answer you honestly if you did not honestly call out to Him. The Father:

  • Will not answer to lies or dishonesty
  • Does not listen to the prayer of sinners
  • Hates a lying tongue

That’s why many “prayers” of people go unanswered. Do you notice the life they continue to strive towards after they claimed they prayed or called out to God? They go right back to the world that hates God and then many go talking bad about Him while not even knowing Him showing they didn’t want to leave the world and its lies about God. This shows they never had faith in what He says and had faith in what the world says which is why they went right to it loyally while being disloyal to God and this shows why God didn’t answer them. He knows everything and already knew they were lying.

So be genuine in your heart to the Father. He listens to your heart and will come because He doesn’t lie when He says:

“Behold! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my Voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with Me…”

The door is your heart…

Let Jesus in by trusting in Him alone. He is the One with the keys to life and death. Don’t let knowledge from the world into your heart…Jesus is the only “Way” you can be filled with the Holy Spirit…because knowledge doesn’t save you. Jesus saves you.

I hope this helps, and I love you very much and thank you for your honesty. That is what God wants from you now. 

So basically if you’re an unsaved sinner God abandons you until you’ve proven yourself to him? When I was a kid I asked to be saved and I thought I meant it but I guess I didn’t. Blind trust is a hard thing for me to grasp but I appreciate the time you spent to share this with me

My response to their response…

Oh, wait a minute no no no. Our Father doesn’t abandon you. If He did none NONE of us would be saved.

We also don’t prove ourselves to him…just be honest. Talk to Him. Jesus said to Moses that it’s not by human will or exertion that pleases Him, but His mercy.

So you can’t prove yourself to Him. He isn’t pleased that way. He loves honesty because He is the Truth.

You said you asked as a kid to be saved…but listen.

You asked to be saved….

But we are saved on His time. So that means you will be saved. On His time though.

In the meantime, you do know He is watching over you. Before He saved me I didn’t realize how much He was protecting me from until AFTER I was saved.

A reason He has shown me that He waits for our time to be saved is so by the time He calls us, we will be so fed up with the world that we WON’T look back or consider it because we would be so done…speaking from experience.

It’s a part of His process for salvation. So don’t think that you calling out to Him AS A CHILD AT THAT went on deaf ears when He says let the children come to me….

He is still listening and I know. Because I know Him. And you sound like his sheep because goats don’t call out to God.

So be patient your time will come.

I should have been in bed right now with my two-year-old and yet I’m awake on Twitter….lol oh yea that is not chance.

He wants you to continue to trust Him and trust the process. In the meantime don’t rely on knowledge from the world…you may prolong the process but God still fixes it.

So in the meantime, this came to me:

“…He will surely be gracious when you cry for help; when He hears, He will answer you.

The Lord will give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, but your Teacher will no longer hide Himself—with your own eyes, you will see Him.

And whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way. Walk in it.”

He is leading you to Him as the Father leads the bride to the bridegroom down the aisle. You don’t realize it yet. He has to lead her because she has a veil over her eyes…the veil is the veil of deception from the devil. So He leads you to His Son. Remember how Jesus said to the Father on the cross,

“You gave them to me…”.

The bridegroom is Jesus whom the Father gave the bride away to.

Parting Response

I address him in my thoughts as though we are in the room together. Makes me feel crazy to admit. I have realized in the past few years of me searching for answers about him, my life has gotten better and I’m much more happy but I don’t really know why.

My Parting Response

It’s not crazy. We all do it lol. It’s normal to talk to the One who made you. What’s NOT normal is to talk to people day in and day out but only think about God maybe once a week. Remember, the world is perverted and backwards. Jesus was in the Garden of Eden with Adam alone before any other person was made….

Don’t listen to those thoughts of being crazy when your thoughts are prostrated towards Jesus. Because those thoughts are coming from the devil. The devil will tell you that you are crazy because he wants to attack your intellect since he knows that is where people pride themselves in. It’s the same area where he deceived Eve.

Once you realize and acknowledge that you know nothing and that God knows everything those types of thoughts do not affect you anymore.

But sadly, you will see those same types of thoughts being spoken in the mouths of people who listen and obey what the devil is speaking.

So don’t listen to those thoughts…I’m not telling you anything new, because Jesus sheep do not listen to the voice of a stranger.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels from Pixabay